Antibody Engineering and Antibody Engineering Drugs

antibody engineering drugsSummary

In the 21st century, biotechnology and information technology is providing a strong impetus for global economic development. Antibody engineering technology with the development of modern biotechnology and continuous improvement, is the main force of the biotechnology industry, in particular, plays an important role in the field of bio-pharmaceutical technology. In this article, I will introduce something about antibody engineering and its drugs.


What is antibody engineering

Antibody engineering is the engineering to create the antibody molecules. It is depending on using recombinant DNA and protein engineering technology to modify and antibody gene, after transfecting the proper recipient cells, it use the antibody molecule expression, or cell fusion and chemical modification methods to achieve its goal.

All kinds of antibody engineering

Antibody engineering includes antigens, antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, cell engineering, genetically engineered antibody, purification and identification of antibodies, antibody technology applications and immunological tests

What is antibody engineering drugs

antibody engineering drugs, also called antibody drugs, Monoclonal antibody therapy agent or antibody therapy agent, is used to cure monoclonal antibody, Antibody fragments, antibody improved by gene engineering and Antibody conjugates or Antibody fusion protein.

The importance of antibody engineering drugs

Malignant, the biggest enemy for human health. It is the core cause of human death. The traditional therpy of the it are Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Recent years, the development of monoclonal antibody drugs has stepped into another stage. Monoclonal antibody can recognize malignant and can effectively improve the lethality of drugs, reduce side effects. Therefore, it attract more attention from people.

In the early 1980s, the research antibody gene structure and function of recombinant DNA technology combined to produce a genetically engineered antibody technology. Then genetically engineered antibody will process the antibody gene according to the different needs, and then introduced into an appropriate recipient cell to express. Genetically antibody engineering includes chimeric antibody, humanization(human reshaped antibody or CDR shift, epitope guided selection EGS and etc.), small monoclular antibody, multivalent and bispecific antibodies and antibody fusion protein

Compared with monoclonal antibody, genetically engineering antibodies have the advantages as follows:

  • Through the transformation of genetic engineering techniques, we can reduce or even eliminate rejection of human antibodies.
  • Genetically engineered antibody of smaller molecular weight can be partially reduced murine antibody, and it is more conducive to penetrate the vessel wall into the core of the lesion site
  • According to the need of treatment, we can prepara new antibodies

This is the brief introduction to antibody engineering and antibody engineering drugs. There are much other details, which is not mentioned. You can find it by yourself.

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