Something You do not Know About Chimeric Antibody

Something You do not Know About Chimeric Antibody


In the antibody field, what familiar to us are the Genetically engineered antibodies and Monoclonal antibody. However, one of the most important antibody we do not know is the chimeric antibody. In this article I will introduce some knowledge about this antibody.chimeric antibody



Chimeric antibody was the first success in the preparation of genetically engineered antibody. It is composed of V region gene and gene-splicing Cregion of a human antibody. And then it is inserted into a vector, transfection of antibody molecules myeloma tissue expression.because it reduces the murine components, thereby reducing the adverse effects caused by murine antibody, and helps improve the outcome.

The features of chimeric antibody

  • It not only retains the parent murine antibodies with high specificity and affinity, but also reduces the murine component about 70%.
  • The human Fc portion can effectively mediate biological effector functions, such as antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity mediated (Antibody dependent cell-medi-ated cytotoxicity, ADCC), complement-dependent cytotoxicity (Complement dependent cytotoxicity, CDC ), etc.
  • It is free to choose the type of antibody, subtypes, classes, subclasses, size, domain and add glycosylation sites, etc., in order to take advantage of their different physical and chemical properties and biological characteristics;
  • Chimeric antibodies Expression “box”, which is produced by efficient eukaryotic expression vector and a human antibody, allows the insertion of different variable region of the murine monoclonal antibody, shortens the operation and development cycle;

The steps to produce chimeric antibody

Production of chimeric antibodies, the first step is the key step is to obtain from hybridoma cell McAb specific variable region gene, and then connect with the human antibody constant region genes, and finally to build a good human – mouse chimeric antibody gene expression in myeloma cells. The main steps include murine antibody variable region gene cloning, fishing human antibody constant region gene extraction, vectors and host cells are constructed gene splicing human antibody constant region gene of murine antibody variable region and as well as efficient expression screening positive cells and expression identification products

  • Cloning of murine antibody variable region gene
  • Human antibody constant region gene angling
  • Human – mouse chimeric antibody expression vector
  • Efficient expression vectors and host cells Construction
  • Human – mouse chimeric antibody expression and identification

Chimeric antibody, as the first born of genetically engineered antibody, has its unique advantages: retaining parental murine antibodies with high specificity and affinity; having a longer half-life in the body; playing a variety of biological functions effectively; with easy operation and low cost and great prospects for clinical application etc.

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